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Your eavestroughs protect the exterior of your home, from your roof to your lawn. Here’s how properly installed rain gutters protect your:

  • Roof: By directing water and melting snow and ice off your roof, eavestroughs prevent the formation of ice dams that can damage your roof and create leaks.
  • Siding: The eavestroughs also prevent water from sheeting off your roof and damaging your siding.
  • Landscaping: Overflowing eavestroughs pour water onto the landscaping closest to your home, washing away soil and damaging delicate plants.
  • Basement and foundation: Properly installed eavestroughs and downspouts also keep water from pooling around your foundation and leaking into your basement.
  • Walkways and driveways: Water that falls on your hard surfaces can freeze, causing a safety hazard and potential cracking of these surfaces from repeated freezing and thawing.

For all these reasons, the maintenance of your eavestroughs is essential to keeping your home free of water and ice damage. Here are some tips to help you maintain your eavestrough system.

Why should I replace my rain gutters?

The best way to assess the condition of your rain gutters is simply to observe them when it’s raining. Is water overflowing the gutters instead of running down the downspouts? That usually means the gutter is clogged and needs to be cleaned. However, the following problems indicate that your eavestroughs need to be replaced:

  • Loose or sagging gutters: If the gutters are sagging away from the roof line or if they have become detached from the downspouts, these are signs that the eavestroughs need to be replaced.
  • Rust: Eavestroughs that are rusted or corroded leak water, defeating the purpose of the gutters. If you see rust, replace the eavestroughs – the new eavestroughs will give your home’s exterior a facelift and give you the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll work properly when you need them to.
  • Leaks: If water is dripping down your siding or running through the joints or the ends of the gutters, your gutters aren’t doing the job they were designed for. Seamless eavestroughs, installed by the experienced team at Gutter Pro, will put an end to leaks.
  • Rotting soffits and shingles: Soffit boards and shingles are vulnerable to rot from water leaking from damaged gutters. If you see rotting boards or shingles at the edge of your roofline, have your gutters thoroughly inspected for leaks. Replacing your gutters could save you the cost of replacing your roof!

What are the benefits of installing a leafguard system?

Autumn leaves, fringes of icicles – all those very picturesque elements of a New Brunswick autumn or winter should alert you that it’s time to clean your eavestroughs. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the need to clear the gutters until ominous water stains suddenly appear on their interior walls.

A better solution than seasonal cleaning is to install leaf guards on your gutters. Our Advanced Leafguard System will keep debris out of your gutters, keeping them clog-free season after season. Save time and money on annual gutter maintenance for your existing system or protect and extend the life of your new eavestrough system with a leafguard system from Wilson’s Gutter Pro. Call us today for a free estimate!

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